Client: João Miguel Simões

Role: Branding + Web Design

Concept: Addressbook by jms is a platform about travel, food, architecture, design and fashion by a Lisbon-based lifestyle editor and consultant, João Miguel Simões.

All the Addressbook by jms branding was created to be the image of this senior journalist as it’s represented in a clean and simple way.
The three lines above the naming represent the three principal topics of his articles: travel, food and lifestyle and at the same time, this visual structure symbolizes text lines. The lettering choosen matches all the concept: bold and clean.

The website was thought to give the reader a travel trought the journalist experience: attention to photos and images, easy UX, social media connection, special icons to indicate the areas talked about and a map where you can follow the writer in his journeys.

Collaborations: Little box – Web Developer

Photo Credits: João Miguel Simões