Ago 1, 2016

Ladies, Wine & Design

written by Bárbara
in category Design, Lifestyle

Despite the fact that women control 80% of consumer spending, only 3% of creative directors (and we’re not talking about celebrity CDs) are female.
source: fastcompany.com

So that’s why the incredible Jessica Walsh created Ladies, Wine & Design.
This initiative came after she doing a lot of thinking and reading on why there are so few women creative directors, and she believes we can change that through mentorship and championing others’ work. So do I.
The event is free and limited to six creative ladies.

In 28th July we the first event in Lisbon, which me and my creative half  Yana K are proudly hosts.
That make me more proud of women and to be one. Was such a grateful and incredible night where we specially invite Catarina Carreiras and Sanda Pagaimo to share their amazing stories while we all have some great wine.

Can’t wait to the next one.

If you want to get more info, please you’re welcome to our facebook and instagram.


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